The work of MAGISTER is divided into eight work packages (WP). The first five WPs cover the scientific work and this work is embedded in ESR training and result dissemination programs represented by WP6 and WP7. WP1 to WP7 are coordinated by the management WP8. MAGISTER covers the full range of fundamental research at laboratory scale to the application at engine conditions.

The first work package is dedicated to research in machine learning and ESRs 1 to 4 are going to work in this area. Machine learning requires a training data set to generate a model without being explicitly programmed. This training database will be generated in three work packages by combustion simulations (WP2), acoustic models (WP3) and experimental validation data (WP4). The new models obtained through machine learning in WP1 and based on the training data from WP2-4 are then applied in WP5 to predict thermoacoustics in aircraft engines.